Update: VideoCoin Network Everest Release is now live!
Videocoin for publishers
Propel your video infrastructure to the future

The old days are over. The VideoCoin Network uses the Blockchain to completely revamp the way you create, store, encode and distribute your content.

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Videocoin for developers
Build cost effective next generation video apps

Use our new API first video infrastructure built for video engineers to create next generation video streaming applications.

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Get Started With Our Demo Apps

We built real Android and Web apps to showcase how to work with the VideoCoin Network.

Videocoin for Workers
Turn your unused compute power into cash

Transform your wasted potential into cash by performing tasks on the VideoCoin Network. Just install our proprietary software on your machine and watch the magic happen.

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Videocoin for data centers
Activate your wasted potential

Stop wasting your resources in unutilized servers and offset your CapEx by turning your idle data centers into VideoCoin Miners.

Videocoin for Delegates
Earn Cash Rewards
(Coming Soon)

Stake your unused VID to worker nodes on the network to earn cash rewards from the work that they do.

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Acquire VideoCoin tokens
Available On Exchanges

VideoCoin is currently available as an ERC20 token.
You can explore activity on Etherscan.io

Meet the Creators and Advisors

Live Planet, Inc. has been engaged to provide services to VideoCoin Network. Live Planet, Inc., along with a team of accomplished media and technology advisors, is implementing the VideoCoin Network and building the future of video on the internet.

Halsey Minor

Internet visionary who has to date founded or co-founded technology companies that have created over $100 Billion in cumulative value, including: CNET, Uphold, Live Planet, Salesforce, NBC, Google Voice, OpenDNS, Vignette and Founder of Live Planet, Inc..

  • Devadutta Ghat
  • Seth Shapiro
  • Hanno Basse
  • Ted Schilowitz
  • John Ward
  • Jason King
  • Kellam Ames
Meet the entire Live Planet team
We thank our world-class partners!
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