Video Infrastructure for the Blockchain-Enabled Internet
Decentralized video encoding, storage and distribution
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VideoCoin and the Blockchain, the New Future of Cloud Computing
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World class team
  • Halsey Minor

    Halsey is an Internet visionary who has to date founded or co-founded technology companies that have created over $100 Billion in cumulative value.More

    He’s the founder of the crypto service Uphold, CNET Networks, the service now known as Google Voice, the leading web publishing platform Vignette, and OpenDNS. He recently founded and is CEO at Live Planet, the leading VR video platform. In February 2000 Halsey stepped down as founder/CEO of CNET, which at the time had earned $1.5 billion and was listed on the NASDAQ 100, to help build, which launched in January 2000 with Halsey as its cofounder and second largest shareholder from inception until 2008.

    Halsey is leading VideoCoin with his unique set of experiences in content, platform creation, crypto, and even television (as CNET produced five shows for top cable networks USA, SCI FI, and CNBC during his tenure).Less

  • Devadutta Ghat

    Devadutta was the Founder and Chief Architect of the Intel® Video Transcode Service, the basis for Facebook’s video platform.More

    • Builder of complex cloud video systems over his career at Intel, Cloudera, and Live Planet.
    • 6 video-related patents and extensive cloud, video, systems and storage experience.
    • Leads the technological aspects of the VideoCoin project.Less
  • Seth Shapiro
    Head of Strategy

    Seth is a leading advisor in business innovation, media and crypto-currency, and a two-time Emmy® Award winner.More

    • Governor of The Television Academy; Professor at USC.
    • At DIRECTV, launched over 25 services, including NFL Sunday Ticket Interactive and TiVo, the world’s first major DVR platform.
    • Leads engagement with the cryto-currency community and integration of the VideoCoin Network into the operations of major media companies.Less
  • Hanno Basse
    CTO | 20th Century Fox Film Corp.

    Hanno Basse, chief technology officer (CTO) at 20th Century Fox Film Corp., oversees technology strategy and engineering, including home entertainment, theatrical distribution, and postproduction.More

    At Fox, Hanno and his team of engineers are developing new distribution methods, are working on next generation entertainment technologies like High Dynamic Range and Ultra-HD as well as interactive platforms, and are involved with many other initiatives, including Content Protection, Immersive Audio etc. He earlier spent more than 14 years at DIRECTV, ultimately as senior vice president of broadcast systems engineering, with accomplishments including the 2005 successful launch of the largest HD channel rollout to date and the 2009 implementation of DIRECTV’s video-on-demand infrastructure, as well as significant contributions to DIRECTV’s broadcast infrastructure and construction of its Los Angeles Broadcast Center. Hanno began his career in 1991 as a scientist-engineer at the Institut für Rundfunktechnik (IRT) in Munich, Germany, and worked as a systems engineer at ProSieben Media AG, also in Germany. He has been awarded 22 patents and was named a Fellow of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers in 2014. From 2015 – 2017, Hanno served as the president and chairman of the board of the UHD Alliance, an organization that brings together major content, consumer electronics and distribution companies with the goal of defining a next generation premium audio-visual experience. He is currently chairman of the board of directors of the Entertainment Technology Center at the University of Southern California.Less

  • Ted Schilowitz
    Futurist in Residence | Paramount Pictures

    Ted Schilowitz is Futurist in Residence at Paramount Pictures working with the studio’s technology teams to explore all the latest efforts in tech with an emphasis on virtual reality/augmented reality.More

    Schilowitz also serves as Chief Creative officer at Barco Escape where he’s been spearheading the creative efforts to add immersive right and left screens to movie theaters. His company worked on Paramount’s Star Trek: Beyond and 20th Century Fox’s The Maze Runner films. Prior to joining Paramount, Schilowitz was Futurist at 20th Century Fox, where he worked on the evolving art and science of advanced motion picture creation. Schilowitz was a founding member and an integral part of the product development team at RED Digital Cinema, ultra-high resolution digital movie cameras which have become standard in filming many of the world’s biggest movies. In addition, Schilowitz is one of the founders and creators of the G-Tech product line of advanced hard drive storage products that are implemented worldwide for professional Television and Multimedia content creation.Less

  • Michael Terpin
    Co-Founder | BitAngels

    Michael Terpin co-founded BitAngels (, the world's first angel network for digital currency start-ups, in May 2013, and now serves as its chairman.More

    Terpin is also founder of CoinAgenda, a bitcoin investing conference taking place in October, and co-founder of the Bitcoin Syndicate, the largest bitcoin investor syndicate on AngelList. In addition, Terpin is founder and CEO of Transform Group, a marketing holding company that includes SocialRadius, one of the nation's first social media marketing firms, and Transform Public Relations, a global digital PR firm. Terpin also founded Marketwire, one of the world's largest and most technologically sophisticated company newswires. Terpin holds an MFA in creative writing from SUNY at Buffalo and degrees in newspaper journalism and English literature from Syracuse University, where he serves as an advisor to its top-ranked Newhouse School of Public Communications and was inducted into its prestigious Wall of Fame in 2000.Less

  • John Ward
    Senior VP of Content Operations | DIRECTV

    John Ward is Senior Vice President of Content Operations for DIRECTV/AT&T Entertainment Group, responsible for on-air production for the Group’s original entertainment.More

    Ward is the winner of 12 Emmy Awards, including the 2016 Sports Emmy Award as a recognized innovator, and recipient of the George Wensel Technical Achievement Award for 4K ultra high-definition TV sports coverage. Ward directs on-air operations for programs including: The Dan Patrick Show, Rogue, Kingdom, Mr. Mercedes, Ice, Loudermilk, and Hit the Road; and strategizes operations/programming for 180,000+ out-of- market sports events airing on both linear and streaming platforms, balancing bandwidth budgets to optimize programming delivery. Previously Ward served as Vice President of Production for DIRECTV, Director of Production for Fox Sports Productions, Inc., and Production Supervisor for Fox Sports. Ward holds a Bachelor’s Degree with a concentration in Mass Communication and a minor in Journalism from North Carolina State University.Less

Source: Cisco VNI Global IP Traffic Forecast 2016-2021
Video dominates internet traffic
Internet traffic continues to explode around the globe (growing 24% annually) with the overwhelming majority of IP traffic dominated (growing past 80%!) by video distribution, storage, and encoding demands. In essence, video is now the Internet.
Video is the internet’s largest ecosystem
2.15 billion
people watch video on the Internet every month.
That's more than
  • The population of China, the United States, Brazil and Germany combined.
  • Number of people who remit money.
  • Cars and trucks in operations worldwide.
  • Major credit cards in circulation.
Challenges of current internet
video infrastructure
  • Centralization
    Vendor lock-in limits flexibility on pricing and feature sets and brings single point of failure risk.
  • Rising Costs
    Transition from broadcast to fast-growing IP-based delivery has skyrocketed media company costs.
  • Privacy
    Distribution and consumption transaction records transparent to providers and government entities.
  • Regulatory
    Video service provider quality of service experience open to impact of regulation / deregulation moves.
  • Censorship
    Video service provider quality of service experience open to impact of regulation / deregulation moves.
The videocoin network

VideoCoin introduces the most significant disruption to today’s video industry by deploying a decentralized video encoding, storage and content distribution network. It turns all cloud­based video services into an efficient algorithmic market, running on a new blockchain with a native protocol token.

The VideoCoin Network dramatically reduces the cost of encoding, storing, and distributing Internet video by 50% to 80% through productive use of the $30 billion in wasted Internet computing resources, freeing capital to allow an entirely new and innovative ecosystem of video apps to emerge.

Participate and earn VideoCoin Tokens
Participants in the VideoCoin Network earn tokens for taking their unused data center computing resources and putting them in a pool for mining, hosting, processing, or delivering videos.
  • Storage miners
    Earn Tokens to store videos. More storage pledged, better rewards.
  • Distribution Miners
    Earn Tokens to deliver videos (like a CDN). More bandwidth, better rewards.
  • Compute Miners
    Earn Tokens for providing CPU time (for transcoding). More compute, better rewards.
  • Relay Miners
    Earn Tokens to relay storage on third party servers (e.g., unused capacity on AWS), More storage + bandwidth, better rewards.
Airbnb meets the video ecosystem
The VideoCoin Network realizes tremendous benefits from utilizing this capacity. Learn about our approach and these benefits in our presentation and whitepaper.
20 million
Internet servers go unused every day
$30 billion
of capital investment is wasted daily.
1) 2015 study (updated in April 2017) by Koomey Analytics and Anthesis found 25-33% of such resources were comatose in surveyed data centers. 2)
Encoding and storage
Encoding and Storage tasks are submitted to the VideoCoin Network along with encoder configuration parameters like bitrate, codec, and output containers format, along with an ASK price. Miners compete with other miner to win bid and provide compute power or storage space.
Retrieval and distribution
Retrieval and Distribution tasks are submitted to the VideoCoin Network along with CDN configuration parameters like geographical region and bandwidth. Miners compete with others to win bid to retrieve videos from storage miners and distribute it to end-consumers, like a CDN.
New Blockchain and Native Protocol Token — Why?
VideoCoin Blockchain is specifically built to power video streaming which requires super fast transaction times. It uses useful proof of work to make use of Hardware accelerated Video functions on GPUs and CPUs and implements a novel proof of stake model to power complex decentralized video infrastructure.
Benefits of the Videocoin network
  • Lower costs 50% to 80%
 by deploying unused
 compute resources
  • Disintermediate market oligarchs with peer-to-peer video distribution
  • Increase privacy through decentralized, end-to-end encryption
  • Enable a new generation of applications via open APIs & open source-based development
VideoCoin Network —
New Economics for Media
Ted Schilowitz
Futurist in Residence at Paramount Pictures
"Content companies always seek to rein in distribution risks and cost. What’s intriguing about using the blockchain for media is its powerful combination of decentralization of resources and advanced native security. These fundamental qualities are allowing VideoCoin to embark on a journey to rework the economics of processing and delivering video to the benefit of everyone in the media industry."
VideoCoin is powered by large scale, distributed cloud video infrastructure we’ve already built.
  • >200k
    Lines of Code
  • 10,000+
    Hours of Videos Processed
  • 1.5
    Years of Development
  • 250
    Node Clusters under Operation
Engineering team

  • Alexander Didenko
    Software & Cloud Engineer
    Alex is an expert on cloud software architecture and development. At Intel, Alex led video validation and automation tools development.
  • Alexander Korshak
    Android Engineer
    As an expert Android developer, Alex has led development efforts on multiple complex video editing and streaming Android apps.
  • Gregory Fotiades
    Software Engineer
    Greg is expert in Linux-based software, systems, and software architecture. A former member of Intel’s Media Graphics team.
  • Shalin Mehta
    Software Engineer
    Shalin was most recently video encoding lead at Harmonic where he developed state of the art video encoding techniques.
  • Dominik Seibold
    Software Engineer
    Dominik is an expert media processing developer of video-oriented applications across platforms, with several reaching the Top-10 in the iOS App Store.
  • Alexander Sysoev
    Dev Ops Engineer
    Alex is a DevOps expert with extensive knowledge in Linux and cloud systems. As the in-house DevOps expert, Alex has built and maintained a cloud.
  • Dmitry Serkin
    Software Engineer
    Dmitry is a full-stack expert in video processing, distributed cloud computing, backend development and DevOps. Previously a member of the Intel's Media Graphics team.
  • Alexander Polovnikov
    Software Engineer
    Alex is a Software Engineer with 10 years of experience in the industry, specializing in frontend development.
Our principles
As we proceed with the development and deployment of the VideoCoin Network and issuance of the VideoCoin Token, we'd like to express the principles on which this effort rests. Our Principles is meant to describe what we believe and how we intend to conduct ourselves in serving VideoCoin’s community of users, miners, the global crypto-currency and development communities, application developers, and you.
  • 1
    Our goal is to build the next generation Internet video infrastructure.
  • 2
    We are a team of accomplished media and technology experts passionate about creating the future of video.
  • 3
    VideoCoin is a video services infrastructure company that uses the blockchain.
  • 4
    We will be transparent throughout - from token sale, to operation of the VideoCoin Network, and in all future endeavors.
The videocoin whitepaper
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