VideoCoin Network
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NFT Marketplace App Installer
version Alpha
Create and launch your very own marketplace with the VideoCoin NFT Marketplace App installer. This is an open-sourced release application with VideoCoin and Filecoin integrations for mining, trading, and storing resilient video NFTs.
Worker Hub
version Alpha
The VideoCoin Network worker hub is an easy to run desktop application that makes setting up a worker node on the VideoCoin Network and directly staking VID to the worker a simple guided process. This app is an early alpha release, use at your own risk. Please report any bugs on our forum.
Worker Docker Tools
version 1.1.0
The Worker Docker Tools allow you to run a VideoCoin worker in any docker supported environment. This setup is more complex than the Worker App, but offers more control and flexibility for how your worker runs. See our documentation for information on how to get the worker up and running.
Worker Binaries
version 1.1.1
Setup a worker with a Raspberry Pi or Jetson Nano using binaries. See our documentation for information on how to get these binaries setup and running.
Direct Staking Tools
version 1.1.0
The direct staking tool helps workers stake VID directly to their own worker node in order to meet the minimum required stake to launch a worker node. See documentation for details on how to use the tool.
Staking Pool Operator Tools
version v0.2.3-6-g870a832
Easily get a delegated staking pool setup and running using our Staking Pool Operator Tools to manage automatic payouts to your third party delegates.
Orbital Video Streaming Apps
version 1.0.0
The source code for the Orbital streaming apps. Orbital is a sample app built on the VideoCoin Network. Developers can use this code to start building their own VideoCoin Network integrated streaming apps. Pick your platform below to dive into the source code.