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Our integration with Filecoin takes this a step further to deliver the only platform optimized for Video NFTs. Our pioneering “Proof of Ownership” solution creates a unique cryptographic signature for each asset, ensuring a secure and provable link between the NFT and its underlying media – solving difficult technical issues inherent to most NFT implementations.

Our expanded metadata further allows linking of unlimited related media assets to the same NFT. And by storing on Filecoin’s vast decentralized storage ecosystem, our solution secures both your NFT and all its linked assets – forever.
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VideoCoin helps supercharge your video applications through a highly efficient decentralized network engineered to handle a full range of video processing requirements, from encoding to streaming. Our APIs let you craft applications from VOD to VR to livestreaming with a minimum of effort, and at huge cost savings.
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The VideoCoin Network taps unused compute resources through the blockchain to deliver dramatically lower costs. Then we pass those savings on to you with one low price for all your video processing.

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With Orbital, see how easy it is to get an application started on VideoCoin Network. Orbital runs seamlessly across iOS, Android, and Web.
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